May 16, 2021

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Day: May 4, 2021

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Naina Mishra

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 2

The healthcare system in Chandigarh is on the edge with hospitals unable to handle the relentless inflow of patients and running out of ICU beds.

Not even a single ICU bed was vacant in Chandigarh today at the three government hospitals. Doctors treating Covid patients say the fatalities have increased in the city due to exhaustion of hospitals beds.

Prof GD Puri, who is heading Covid-19 management at the PGI, said, “Except for oxygen availability, our situation is in tandem with Delhi. Our emergency wards are full with Covid patients. There is

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Imagine you’re managing a health condition in the year 1349. It will be hundreds of years until the dawn of modern antibiotics. A 14th-century doctor — some trained at universities and some who were simply village herbalists — may suggest a multitude of medieval therapies to help.

One common treatment was bloodletting.

Yes, pouring out your own blood was one of the top treatments at the time.

So what was bloodletting all about, why was it practiced for more than 3,000 years, and does anyone still use it today?

Bloodletting was the name given to the removal of blood for

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Call it healthy aging, getting old in style, or gracefully aging; the older we get, the more our bodies wear down and slow down—and the more consumers look for ways to thwart the process. Bone health is a main concern in aging. Nutritional interventions can play a significant role in the fight against adverse bone-related aging—if consumers choose to use them.

Who Needs Support?

Women especially need bone support as they age. “Of the 10 million Americans diagnosed with osteoporosis, it is estimated that 80% of them are women,” says Justin Marsh, CEO of dietary supplements brand Arthur Andrew Medical.

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No group could appreciate a return to (almost) normal after the year we’ve been through any more than people involved in health care, and that would include the majority of the VCU Health Orchestra. Members include physicians, nurses, administrative staff, medical school students, alumni and a few nonmedical community volunteers — such as Bruce Swartz — needed to fill gaps in certain sections.

VCU Health is one of the few academic medical centers in the United States with its own symphony orchestra, which was founded in 2017. A dozen or so musicians showed up for the first rehearsal. The roster

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After a round of discussions on Saturday, officials said negotiations are slated to continue between Tenet Healthcare and nurses at Saint Vincent Hospital, who have been striking since early March.

Dallas-based Tenet, which owns Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester, made a proposal on Saturday that “opens the door to a substantive discussion” regarding staffing levels, the main issue cited by nurses, according to the Massachusetts Nurses Association.

Nurses have been striking since March 8, calling for staffing improvements they said are needed to ensure the safe care of patients. Saturday marks day 55 of striking, the longest nurses strike in

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On May 22, 2021, the world’s largest fitness boxing brand will host both in-person and digital Knockout Stigma classes the entire day, coupled with other efforts throughout the month aimed to start a transparent dialogue around mental illness. Classes will kick off with trainers who volunteered to share their personal struggles with depression, PTSD or anxiety. The classes are open to all members of TITLE Boxing Club and BoxUnion, as well as to non-members, who can sign up and pay for a single class that day.

For each Knockout Stigma class member, TITLE Boxing Club and BoxUnion will donate

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