April 19, 2021

Lonnie Listonsmith

Experienced Health Expert

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson Vetoes Anti-Trans Teen Health-Care Bill

2 min read

Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas’ Republican governor, has vetoed a bill that would have criminalized affirming health care for trans youth, calling it an example of “vast government overreach.”

The state’s majority Republican Senate had voted in favor of HB 1570 last week, 28 votes to 7—making it the first bill to pass in the U.S. outlawing health care access and treatment for trans teenagers. The Arkansas General Assembly can vote to overturn Hutchinson’s veto.

If passed, the bill would prevent young trans people from accessing health care and insurance coverage for gender-affirming care and would have outlawed gender-confirming hormone treatment or surgery to trans minors. It would also have made it a felony for healthcare professionals to perform certain gender transition procedures on people under 18. LGBTQ organizations and civil rights campaigners, as well as leading healthcare bodies, opposed the bill.

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