June 17, 2021

Lonnie Listonsmith

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Fitness centers adjust to operations under lifted health orders

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Gym and fitness studio owners are slowly adjusting to operations now that health orders have lifted.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — It’s been a week since Ohio’s health orders lifted, and gym and fitness studio owners are slowly making changes to how they work with clients.

At System of Strength, owners have lifted the mask mandate for those who are fully vaccinated but allow any client to wear one if it makes them feel more comfortable.

Trainers have spent that last year spaced out and away from clients to prevent the spread of COVID. Now, owners say they’re not rushing to go back to pre-COVID life.

“We don’t want them touching someone and making anyone feel uncomfortable who is not ready for that yet,” said Co-Owner Gretchen Dusseau.

System of Strength is also slowly adding one spot at a time to every row in their classes instead of heading back to full capacity.

The owner of Spenga in Hilliard says they are also slowly heading back to full capacity.

“We have now increased our capacity to 26, so everyone is pretty comfortable but now we can fit more people into that space,” said owner Bryan Clark.

Clark opened Spenga in July of 2020, meaning all clients who attended classes to workout were asked to wear masks when they entered the studio and when they changed stations.

Now signs requiring masks have been removed and social distancing measures are slowly returning to a more normal state.

Clark said the most exciting change to come in the last week is the sense of excitement from clients.

“It’s more of a comradery, people working out together rather than all working out apart and staring at the wall, now we’re working out and facing one another.”

Both studio owners said they have seen an uptick in clients attending classes in the last week and have brought back waitlists for many of the classes.

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