Martin Rehof of Communions Pays Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen has been an enormous inspiration for me as a songwriter. However another way than most different artists or bands, which one would possibly in any other case regard as apparent direct musical “influences” on my band Communions.

Though our music isn’t rooted in people—post-punk, Britpop and alt-rock are maybe our greatest style influences—the affect of Leonard Cohen enters by means of a unique route, which is, firstly, lyrical. However it wasn’t till I started writing our upcoming document Pure FabricationthatI actually allowed myself to embrace Cohen as an affect; that’s, I allowed his affect to straight seep into my very own writing. Cohen’s poetic strategy to music has all the time forged its shadow over my musical consciousness, however had beforehand been latent in my expression. I believe that’s as a result of there’s one thing daunting about making an attempt to emulate guys like Cohen, or equally, somebody like Bob Dylan. For me, each are the 2 towering giants of my musical upbringing, two pinnacles of 60’s music bred from a time the place music had a close-knit connection to poetry, and who represent the inspiration of the type of songwriter I love.

It’s tough to pinpoint precisely the place this affect begins and ends in my very own creative output, however I believe it begins with a super of wanting the lyrics that accompany the music to have the ability to stand on their very own, of wanting the phrases to have the ability to have a poetic impression in their very own proper. That is one thing I all the time appreciated about Cohen’s songs. His lyrics aren’t simply poetic, they might be gauged as precise poems—surreal, and crammed with limitless layers, which in flip makes the music endlessly re-listenable. This sort of strategy to common music was definitely incomparable to the favored rock ‘n roll of the ‘60s. In my thoughts, Cohen was a first-mover, and paved the best way for a extra introverted and mental type of common songwriting, proving that that kind of writing may resonate with an viewers, and extra importantly, that it might have longevity and stand the check of time. That, in itself, is inspiring.

Credit score: Lasse Dearman

The timelessness of his songs’ imagery is one thing important. His songs are so dense with sensual pictures and scary scenes that listening to his album Songs of Leonard Cohen is virtually like a bodily spatial expertise—like revisiting an previous home that you just used to stay in, or attending to inhabit a panorama once more for some time. There may be actually no different music fairly prefer it.

Songs of Leonard Cohen isn’t actually a document I take heed to a lot as I ‘stay’ with, within the sense that it’s an album I appear to replay throughout sure elements of the yr; there’s one thing about it, that I affiliate with the chilly, which makes it a becoming pay attention each autumn and winter—whether or not its due to the title of the track “Winter Woman” or as a result of foggy, melancholic ambiance of the document induced by the softly performed flamenco guitar…I don’t know. Maybe “residing with”, or somewhat, “needing” these songs amidst the flux of seasonal change isn’t coincidental; there’s something so soothing, virtually meditative about songs like “Suzanne” or “Sisters of Mercy” that they’ve an actual calming impact on me.

This meditative impact may additionally attest to the truth that I particularly sought out tickets to a Leonard Cohen live performance throughout a time of non-public upheaval. Regardless of being a musician, I’ve by no means extensively gone to live shows by myself accord (aside from low-cost punk exhibits throughout my youth). At the very least, I can’t recall many instances in my life the place I’ve gone out of my method and purchased “costly” live performance tickets. However one time I keep in mind clearly was after I purchased a ticket to see Cohen stay in Seattle. After ending highschool in Copenhagen, Denmark (the place I’m initially born), I had shortly moved again to Seattle (the place my household and I had lived for 10 years) by myself, residing on my buddy’s sofa, and with the intention of transferring again to the States completely. This was a complicated, tumultuous time for me—a time of existential disaster by which I used to be not sure which nation I belonged to. I don’t keep in mind why I went to the live performance alone, however I keep in mind being on my own, sitting on this big stadium amongst others who had been twice or 3 times my age, watching Leonard Cohen carry out, and feeling like Ihad intimate entry to an alternate world that transcended the world of issues that had been going by means of my thoughts on the time. It was comforting to know that amid all the chaos, the connection to this music constituted one thing unbreakable and fixed, one thing that will not disappear, however can be part of me wherever I used to be heading.

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