April 19, 2021

Lonnie Listonsmith

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Ochsner’s #AlcoholFreeFor40 takes place over Lent | St. Tammany community news

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Ochsner is staging another AlcoholFreeFor40 Challenge during Lent, which is a time when many people routinely try and sacrifice something pleasurable for the 40-day season.

For some, it’s chocolate or sugar, but for others, it’s tobacco or alcohol. And for those trying to use the period of Lenten abstinence to kick an alcohol habit, Ochsner has a program to help.

Kicking a harmful habit, or starting a healthy new one, can be challenging during the best of times. And while a new year always brings the best of healthy intentions, COVID-19 has made wellness goals even more challenging this year, according to Ochsner Eat Fit, sponsor of the 40-day reboot.

The challenge, which begins on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17, and concludes on Easter, April 4, encourages participants to make it their own self-experiment by tracking pre- and post-challenge metrics. The metrics would include labs that show inflammation and liver health, body composition to reflect body fat, muscle and hydration status, blood pressure, and a close-up photo to see face, skin and eyes.

Using the metrics provides the chance for participants to see and feel the benefits of going alcohol free, both inside and out.

To make it easier to track the metrics before and after the challenge, Ochsner Eat Fit is offering the metrics for $25 in Covington, New Orleans, Baton Rouge and three other cities. 

Ochsner Fit says here’s what to expect:

  • within days, improved energy, better quality of sleep, clearer eyes and improved appearance of under-eye circles;
  • within one week, reduced fluid retention, brighter skin, improved clarity and focus; and 
  • within one month, positive changes to your weight and healthier hair, nails and digestion.

Ochsner invites participants to share their progress and connect with others via the #AlcoholFreeFor40 hashtag and its Facebook page. 

Visit www.AlcoholFreeFor40.com today to join the challenge. 

St. Tammany Health System wins award

St. Tammany Health System has been named a winner of the 2020 Strata Decision LEAP Award, a national recognition of health care organizations for outstanding performance in the areas of finance and strategy benefiting their organizations and their communities.

Strata, a cloud-based financial planning, analytics and performance platform in health care, recognized the St. Tammany team — both clinical and nonclinical — for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The LEAP Award recognizes those who lead, excel, achieve and progress in the area of health care finance and operations,” Strata CEO Dan Michelson said in presenting the award. “Given we are all living through the worst financial crisis in the history of health care, the work of those on your team in support of your organization has never been more important. This work has been nothing short of heroic.”

St. Tammany Health System’s first case of COVID-19 was confirmed on March 13, 2020. Since then it has treated more than 1,100 COVID-positive patients, conducted more than 27,000 COVID tests and is nearing its 5,000th vaccine.

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