May 16, 2021

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Personalized & Compounded Nutrients – Redefining Personalized Medicine Through Digital Innovation | State

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SISTERS, Ore., April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Personalized & Compounded Nutrients, the first and only nutraceutical manufacturer to implement digital formulation software for healthcare practitioners, aims to revolutionize personalized medicine through newly-created, innovative digital solutions. By simplifying the formulation process, the brand aims to increase access to fully customizable, individualized supplements for practitioners and their patients.

Designed to empower healthcare professionals, Personalized & Compounded Nutrients’ new digital formulator allows for the complete customization of patient supplement regimens. Medical practitioners will now have the freedom to build personalized formulas for each patient, based on their individual genomic analysis, allowing for supplement consolidation – resulting in fewer pills, higher patient compliance, and a simplified, more effective healthcare plan.

“Medicine has been pointing towards personalization to the individual for many years now with advanced diagnostics using algorithms that look at the individual biochemistry of each patient. Through our novel custom nutraceutical options, we are the only nutraceutical manufacturer flexible enough to allow practitioners to truly personalize nutritional medicine to the individual.” – Justin DeTurris, Chief Marketing Officer, Co-Founder.

Inspired by the opportunity to digitize modern medicine, Personalized & Compounded Nutrients has set out to drive innovation within the industry. As more medical professionals discover the benefits of taking their practices and prescription methods online the brand is determined to meet their needs through continued optimization of their formulator, individualized customer support, and an expanded manufacturing facility in Central Oregon aimed at speeding up lead times and distribution.

Personalized & Compounded Nutrients was founded in 2012 by Justin DeTurris and Pete Duenes with the goal of allowing healthcare practitioners the freedom to formulate. By identifying a growing demand for innovative, flexible, personalized nutritional medicine, the pair built a first-of-its-kind digital formulator allowing healthcare professionals the ability to design and customize their own supplements tailored to the specific genomic needs of their patients. With modern medicine undergoing a digital renaissance, Personalized & Compounded Nutrients is poised to be a leader in personalized medicine for years to come.

Personalized & Compounded Nutrients

Based in beautiful Sisters, Oregon, Personalized & Compounded Nutrients’ unique formulation and manufacturing processes offer practitioners the freedom to formulate.

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