May 16, 2021

Lonnie Listonsmith

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ESQVTA designed the third studio for one2one’s fitness center that complements its two existing ones in porto, portugal. the project was born in the current era of ‘instagrammable’ interior design so the architects wanted to create a space that would make the visitors want to post every corner of it on their instagram stories. the client’s request was of an area with a very different design approach from the first two studios of the brand – though spatially connected.

images by ricardo oliveira alves



within the 110 square meters available, ESQVTA turned what was previously an office space with multiple

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One of SoulCycle’s outdoor pop-ups is in Palm Beach, Florida. There, riders strap on headphones to hear the music and instructor during class.

Source: SoulCycle PR

David Ross remembers unclipping his foot from a SoulCycle bike in March 2020. The pandemic was about to shut down indoor exercise studios. He finished the class and realized he didn’t know when he would be back again. For Ross, that was a scary thought.

For months thereafter, Ross’ fitness routine consisted of running up and down 31 flights of stairs in his Manhattan apartment building, five or six times a day. He was

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Many are thankful for the often quick relief of modern day medicine, but most don’t take heed to its gruesome origins.
Currently on display at the Massie Heritage Center is a Civil War Medicine and Pharmaceutical exhibition that displays what it was like to receive medical treatment in the 18-19th centuries.
The exhibition, curated by Massie Heritage Center Curator and Director Steven Smith highlights when Massie was seized and converted into a Union Hospital in 1865.
“The historical background is that when Sherman arrived in Savannah in December, shortly after that in January of 1865, he seized Massie and turned

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