May 16, 2021

Lonnie Listonsmith

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Baird was also an influence in creating De’VIA, or Deaf View/Image Art. Accorind to, “De’VIA represents Deaf artists and perceptions primarily Art And Entertainment based on their Deaf experiences. It makes use of formal art elements with the intention of expressing innate cultural or physical Deaf experience” .

“I feel like for a company like us, that is one of the best service we can present proper now, to let individuals know of the opportunities out there,” Fox mentioned. Clio Massey started her career in music publishing at Liberal Arts, a publishing joint venture Art between David Massey and … Read More

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No group could appreciate a return to (almost) normal after the year we’ve been through any more than people involved in health care, and that would include the majority of the VCU Health Orchestra. Members include physicians, nurses, administrative staff, medical school students, alumni and a few nonmedical community volunteers — such as Bruce Swartz — needed to fill gaps in certain sections.

VCU Health is one of the few academic medical centers in the United States with its own symphony orchestra, which was founded in 2017. A dozen or so musicians showed up for the first rehearsal. The roster

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Many are thankful for the often quick relief of modern day medicine, but most don’t take heed to its gruesome origins.
Currently on display at the Massie Heritage Center is a Civil War Medicine and Pharmaceutical exhibition that displays what it was like to receive medical treatment in the 18-19th centuries.
The exhibition, curated by Massie Heritage Center Curator and Director Steven Smith highlights when Massie was seized and converted into a Union Hospital in 1865.
“The historical background is that when Sherman arrived in Savannah in December, shortly after that in January of 1865, he seized Massie and turned

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The boss of MGC Pharma said turning cannabis and other plants into pharmaceutical-grade medicines is like making music as the company prepares for a stock market listing next week.

a close up of a garden: Medicinal cannabis is a hot industry

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Medicinal cannabis is a hot industry

Roby Zomer, co-founder and managing director, is a musician, techno DJ and former sound engineer and has a radio show in Israel.

“I know I am a little different from the mainstream, as I don’t come from the cannabis or pharma industry, but I took my vision and I bound the two, pharma and cannabis, together,” he said.

“I started

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