May 16, 2021

Lonnie Listonsmith

Experienced Health Expert


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Olympia Dukakis, whom we just lost and whom I knew, once told me: “I love to work. Old broads like me must work. It’s what keeps us alive. I can’t be a lady who lunches because I don’t even know any ladies to lunch with. I only know old broads who work.”

And about her husband, Lou Zorich, who is also gone but ran the Whole Theater Company in Montclair, NJ, with her: “He’s at the dentist getting a new bridge put in. Mercury is supposed to be in retrograde so, who knows, maybe that’s when teeth fall apart.” 


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Exercise does more than build a beach body or help shed post-winter quarantine pounds. It is an integral building block of a healthy life and focused, intentional lifestyle. At the new Evolution and Creation Wellness Studio in Olympia, one-on-one training in fitness, nutrition and overall wellness builds a stronger, happier and healthier you.

During the long months of COVID captivity and winter blahs, most of us have been trapped indoors more than we’d like. But when it comes to starting an exercise routine, there are so many questions. When should I begin? What’s the best exercise for my body

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