May 16, 2021

Lonnie Listonsmith

Experienced Health Expert


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The COVID-19 pandemic has taught people one important lesson, i.e., to take care of their health. A healthy lifestyle, nutritious food, and regular exercise are a must for staying fit and healthy.

New Delhi-based wellOwise aims to help people live a healthy life by realising the potential health risks and diseases. Founded in 2018 by Dr Saher Mehdi and Manish Kumar, wellOwise is a precision health startup aimed at preventing lifestyle diseases and delivering a precision diagnosis.

Speaking with YourStory, Co-founder and CEO Manish explains that wellOwise provides personalised dietary and supplement recommendations to help people stay

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Call it healthy aging, getting old in style, or gracefully aging; the older we get, the more our bodies wear down and slow down—and the more consumers look for ways to thwart the process. Bone health is a main concern in aging. Nutritional interventions can play a significant role in the fight against adverse bone-related aging—if consumers choose to use them.

Who Needs Support?

Women especially need bone support as they age. “Of the 10 million Americans diagnosed with osteoporosis, it is estimated that 80% of them are women,” says Justin Marsh, CEO of dietary supplements brand Arthur Andrew Medical.

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A new study looks at the risk of taking omega-3 supplements for people with high risk of heart disease. Getty Images
  • New research finds that taking omega-3 supplements is associated with an increased risk of atrial fibrillation in people with a high risk of, or existing, heart disease.
  • Experts say the relationship between using omega-3 supplements and heart health is complicated.
  • Talk with your doctor about your risks and what is best for you.

While previous research found strong evidence that omega-3 fatty acids benefit heart health, this popular supplement may also carry a significant risk for

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A Northeast Mesa fitness studio is ready to help people who want to lose the weight they might have gained during the pandemic’s stay-at-home season.

And Don Chenevert of Better You Personal Training Better, 755 E. McKellips Road, knows from personal experience how to do it.

He details on his website how he decided a few years ago it was time for a change and how he became more active and through “healthy eating and daily exercise, my weight was dropping quickly.”

“In nine months, I went from 245 pounds down to 175 pounds,” he explains. “Since losing weight I

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Unlike movies and television, knocking someone out in real life takes quite a bit more than a well-timed punch in the face or a Vulcan nerve pinch. Before the advent of modern anesthesia, humans tried multiple avenues for effectively rendering other people unconscious before surgeries. Medical practitioners experimented with many potential solutions over the millennia before finding results that worked while also not killing their patients in the process, although they did a bit more of the latter prior to finding the answer.

Some cultures over the years found certain drugs that had a similar benefit as anesthesia, such as

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A few other instructors also teach classes at the studio in addition to Czarnek. Besides pole fitness classes for all skill levels, the studio also teaches chair dance classes and conditioning and stretching classes. The studio also offers private group events and private lessons.

Pole dancing fitness offers a good workout because it’s a mix of both cardio and strength training, Czarnek said.

“Like a normal dance class, it will help you

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