May 16, 2021

Lonnie Listonsmith

Experienced Health Expert


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COLORADO SPRINGS — As of now, Colorado counties can implement regulations at a local level while still maintaining some limited requirements.

In El Paso County, capacity limits are no longer in place and the COVID-19 dial is gone, which means changes are once again happening at restaurants, but this time they get to call the shots.

“We are super excited for this, we’ve been waiting for this for 395 days,” the Owner of Wyatt’s Pub & Grill Todd Wyatt said.

Each restaurant can choose to add additional restrictions at their own discretion, Salsa on the Rock in northern Colorado Springs

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Many are thankful for the often quick relief of modern day medicine, but most don’t take heed to its gruesome origins.
Currently on display at the Massie Heritage Center is a Civil War Medicine and Pharmaceutical exhibition that displays what it was like to receive medical treatment in the 18-19th centuries.
The exhibition, curated by Massie Heritage Center Curator and Director Steven Smith highlights when Massie was seized and converted into a Union Hospital in 1865.
“The historical background is that when Sherman arrived in Savannah in December, shortly after that in January of 1865, he seized Massie and turned

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Multiple Houston County restaurants earned perfect scores of 100 during their most recent health inspections.

Most restaurants within the county scored “A’s” while a few received “B’s” and two got “C’s” in the span of March 1 to March 31, according to the DPH’s health inspection search portal.

No restaurant received a failing grade of “U.” The Telegraph’s report generally includes restaurants that originated in the Middle Georgia area.

Houston County restaurants, including food trucks and catering services operating within the county, that scored 100 include:

  • Chick-fil-A at 790 Ga. 96, Bonaire
  • Levi’s Grill at 198 Old Perry Road, Bonaire
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