The US must harness the power of Silicon Valley to spur military innovation – TechCrunch

The Department of Defense, other U.S. government agencies and a bipartisan consensus in Congress realize that China is strategically leveraging diplomacy, information and intelligence, its military might and economic strength, and all other instruments of its national power to redefine the future world order.

Given China’s stated goals and objectives, we should expect continuity in this assessment in the coming decades.

To any dispassionate observer, U.S. responses to China’s aggressive

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Carvana acquires Adesa US auction business for $2.2B to jump-start used car sales – TechCrunch

Carvana, the online used car marketplace, has agreed to buy Kar Global’s Adesa U.S. auction subsidiary for $2.2 billion in cash, an acquisition aimed at adding another revenue stream as well as a network of physical sites that could help bolster operations.

The acquisition announcement, which was made alongside a fourth-quarter earnings report, marks a transition for the pure online business into a more traditional physical car dealer. 

Today, Carvana customers can use the company’s mobile or web app to shop, buy and finance their vehicle purchase. Those vehicles can either be picked up at one of its 30 multi-story

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Amazon Music to overtake Pandora as No. 2 U.S. music streamer this year – TechCrunch

According to estimates from Insider Intelligence (previously eMarketer), Amazon Music will surpass Pandora this year to become the music streamer with the second most number of users in the U.S. Notably, this study includes users on both paid and ad-supported plans for these services — so, while Apple Music has an estimated 38.2 million subscribers, compared to Amazon Music’s 52.6 million or Pandora’s 49.1 million, none of Apple’s subscribers are on a free, ad-supported plan (though they could, of course, be on a free trial).

Amazon Music is estimated to grow 5.3% year over year, the forecast claims, while Pandora

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CausaLens gets $45M for no-code technology that introduces cause and effect into AI decision making – TechCrunch

One of the most popular applications of artificial intelligence to date has been to use it to predict things, using algorithms trained with historical data to determine a future outcome. But popularity doesn’t always mean success: predictive AI leaves out a lot of the nuance, context and cause-and-effect reasoning that goes into an outcome; and as some have pointed out (and as we have seen), this means that sometimes the “logical” answers produced by predictive AI can prove disastrous. A startup called causaLens has developed causal inference technology — presented as a no-code tool that doesn’t require a data scientist

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Propy launches NFT platform in the US, allowing real-world property to be bought as an NFT – TechCrunch

Last year we covered how early blockchain startup Propy planned to use the technology to smooth real-world real estate sales by introducing the concept of smart contracts. It went on to actually sell an apartment as an NFT, using the NFT to effectively rubber stamps the legal process. However, that apart was in Ukraine. Today it launches the whole concept in the US, an entirely different kettle of legal fish.

Today it’s extending the whole process further by launching real-estate-backed NFTs in the United States, working on the technological and legal framework to literally turn real estate properties into NFTs.

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The Automattic TC-1 – TechCrunch

It’s hard to build a publishing empire, and it’s just as easy to lose one. Newspaper magnates were mostly replaced by broadcast moguls, first radio and then TV and cable, and now of course, they are all fighting against the social media tycoons and streaming impresarios who want to capture our attention. Each generation of media titans dies off and is replaced, just as each medium finds its niche only to be supplanted by something novel.

So when it comes to Automattic, the leading commercial complement to the open-source WordPress publishing platform, time and longevity have a rather peculiar

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