April 18, 2021

Lonnie Listonsmith

Experienced Health Expert


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So much has changed since the first surge of COVID-19 hit Massachusetts.

The state saw cases decline and infection rates drop. It experienced a second surge. Hope arrived with the development and rollout of vaccines that lives would be saved, and that an end to the pandemic was within reach.

But the effects and trauma of that first wave — and all the suffering that has followed afterwards — remains, lingering for doctors and nurses who worked on the front lines in the spaces of intensive care units, where they cared for patients sick and dying from COVID-19.

Looking back

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Gabrielle Milton, D23, grew up hearing stories about her family’s experiences with racism in the South. For example, when her grandmother was young, she walked nine miles to school with other Black children because the schools closer to her home were for white students.

“It was really disappointing, because white students on buses would laugh at them while they walked through all different types of terrain and weather just to get to the education that they desperately needed,” said Milton.

And when her great-grandmother was a little girl in Georgia, she went for a walk outdoors one night. She witnessed

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