‘Watters’ World’ on Biden’s credibility disaster

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The jig is up for Joe Biden. His credibility is shot. The President’s approval ranking hitting a brand new low of 43 p.c as his failures preserve piling up.

In Afghanistan, Joe left People behind. He’s overlaying this up, this entire hostage disaster; nonetheless taking orders from the Taliban. The Commander- in-Chief launching a hideous drone strike. They hit the unsuitable goal, killing children as an alternative of ISIS.

Murders up all over the place, Biden’s crime plan failed. Inflation is wiping out our wage beneficial properties. The restoration is weak and Biden hasn’t crushed COVID.

He promised to unite us, however his mandates are dividing us.

France pulled their Ambassador. Russia hacked us to items. And OPEC informed Joe to take a hike when he requested them to pump extra oil.

And now, even Biden’s beloved mainstream media is admitting there’s a downside.


MANU RAJU, CNN CHIEF CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT: It has been a troublesome week for President Biden.

CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS ANCHORS: He is bought a fairly large credibility disaster on his arms as a result of all of those issues in some methods confirmed up after he mentioned one thing mainly the precise reverse.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What he has accomplished to this point hasn’t actually labored.


WATTERS: However that is not all, the disaster on the border, worse than ever earlier than and Biden is blaming a damaged system. Sure, he broke it. No wall, no remain-in-Mexico. Simply let all people in.

The Del Rio Bridge in Texas stuffed with 1000’s of unlawful Haitians all week, third world situations, rubbish, sleeping and dust in 100 diploma climate, struggling infants. It is terrible. Biden let 1000’s of Haitian migrants into American and flew some again to Haiti, a number of migrants biting I.C.E. officers on their flight residence.

Liberals within the media pushing a faux declare that Border Patrol brokers there have been whipping Haitian migrants in Del Rio after these photographs had been launched. The story was debunked inside hours. These had been the horses’ reins. It is clear within the video and the photograph. However the horse whip hoax was pushed by mad Maxine Waters, no relation, who mentioned this was worse than slavery.


REP. MAXINE WATERS (D-CA): What the hell are we doing right here? What we witnessed takes us again a whole bunch of years. What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery. Cowboys with their reins once more, whipping black individuals.


WATTERS: Al Sharpton bought in on the race hustle, flew right down to Texas and screamed about slavery. The Patriots in Texas we’re having none of Sharpton’s race baiting lies.


AL SHARPTON, MSNBC HOST: … catastrophic and human shame as individuals round this world watch the Border Patrol do slave like police issues on horses.

PROTESTER: No one needs to listen to your racist nonsense in Del Rio.

PROTESTER: You are a shame.

PROTESTER: You are a racist. No one needs you in Texas.

PROTESTER: Why are you not a voice for youngsters which have gone lacking on the border?


WATTERS: Even the photographer who took the photograph mentioned it was all a lie. Paul Ratje saying, “I’ve by no means seen them with anyone with the factor. He was swinging it. That is one thing that may be simply misconstrued whenever you’re trying on the image.” And that is the purpose.

The left needs to mislead with a faux disaster to distract from the actual disaster they created down there. So the Biden workforce places the brokers on desk responsibility, banned using horses in Del Rio and launched an investigation into this silly hoax.

A former Border Patrol horse coordinator says it may be onerous for them to do their job now.


ROWDY BALLARD, FORMER BORDER PATROL HORSE COORDINATOR: The horse is a good instrument we have used for nearly 100 years now and with that going, it may be tougher to patrol that space.

When individuals have a look at what they’re doing and interpret it one other method, it is – – it may be irritating. Now, we do not — we do not have whips, we do not carry whips they usually weren’t whipping them, it was only a type of a stress launch. The horses had been a bit of reluctant to do the job that the brokers had been asking and, you already know, twirling the reins was a simply one other instrument they used to get the horses to do what they’re asking.


WATTERS: Joe Biden pretended to take accountability for the entire border mess, however then handed the buck and pushed the hoax. Watch.


QUESTION: Do you’re taking accountability for the chaos that is unfolding?

JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: In fact, I take accountability. I am President. Nevertheless it was horrible what you see — what you noticed. To see individuals deal with it like they did, horses working over individuals being strapped. It is outrageous.

I promise you, these individuals pays.


WATTERS: President Biden is a shame. He’s both mendacity or his handlers do not present him the information. He triggered this surge of illegals, then assaults the Border Patrol for making an attempt to regulate it. That is straight up anti- American. The President’s phrases and actions are despicable and he must be ashamed of himself.

In the meantime, his buddy, Chuck Schumer says we have to preserve the borders open as a result of we want low-cost labor.


SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): We’re wanting employees from one finish of America to the opposite. One of many causes, the Trump administration dramatically in the reduction of on immigrants on this nation

We want them. We want them in our labor pressure.


WATTERS: Biden created a labor scarcity by handing out free cash and slapping mandates on us, then invitations low-cost unlawful labor to fill the hole. That is simply what Democrat donors need, and simply what the Democrats need, too, as a result of it turns Texas blue.

So similar to Afghanistan, Joe Biden was warned in regards to the disaster on the border and did nothing. Border Patrol union e-mails from June revealed brokers predicted this surge and we’re begging for extra assist.

However Joe Biden ignored it. Biden would not need something to do with this. He hasn’t been to the border, not now or perhaps ever it seems.

FOX’s Peter Doocy urgent Jen Psaki about it.


PETER DOOCY, FOX NEWS CHANNEL WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Has President Biden’s ever been to the Southern border?

JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I should get — look again in my historical past books and verify the occasions he is been to the Southern border.

DOOCY: We’ve been trying all morning and we can not discover any information of him visiting the border.

PSAKI: I can verify and see when the final time or when he could have been, however inform me extra about why you are asking?

DOOCY: As a result of it is a President who makes a degree when there are disasters on this nation like a wildfire or hurricane to go and see for himself firsthand what the wants are of the local people in order that he can have an knowledgeable POV to make coverage.


WATTERS: Joe isn’t combating for us. He’s swamped by issues he created, and lies and hides when the stress is on. This can be a failed presidency and there’s no telling what Biden will do or say to put it aside.

Becoming a member of me now for an unique firsthand have a look at the border disaster, Invoice Melugin, FOX Information nationwide correspondent.

So Invoice, that is actually a 3rd world scenario now being delivered to America’s doorstep. It is a shanty city. Most People see this in impoverished nations. You are not used to seeing this up shut and private in America. Describe what it is like for you personally.

BILL MELUGIN, FOX NEWS CHANNEL NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Jesse, I will let you know what, the primary time my crew and I rolled as much as the scene right here on the bridge, I believe all of our jaws hit the ground to assume that that is the US.

The odor unbearably horrific. We have got porta-potties all behind us, some individuals weren’t even utilizing the porta-potties. It is simply been exceptional to take a look at.

You’ve got in all probability seen all of the drone pictures, all of the video. They mainly went out into the wilderness right here in Del Rio and located sticks, vegetation, no matter they may discover to construct buildings right here to get out of the solar. And there is mud blowing all over, each time a gust of wind picks up, there’s mud selecting up who is aware of what on the market within the area.

It really is third world like situations out right here and native regulation enforcement are on report describing it that method. Third world like shanty city precisely as you mentioned.

WATTERS: How are individuals washing themselves? How are individuals consuming? Describe what a day within the life seems like for a few of these illegals.

MELUGIN: So the primary query, how are they washing themselves? We have got the Rio Grande simply down behind us. They are going to actually go right down to the banks of the Rio Grande, get bare, strip down, they usually’ll simply wash themselves within the river. We had been watching that as they had been crossing over on dwell tv.

They do have some washing stations right here now, the place they’ll wash their arms and that kind of factor. However apart from that, we have seen mothers getting their children bare. They convey huge buckets of water. They pour it over their children, wash them down with some cleaning soap, they usually simply do it out in public like that.

WATTERS: What are individuals consuming?

MELUGIN: They really have meals deliveries exhibiting up right here. So from time to time, there’s a giant truck that’ll pull up they usually get pre-packaged meals. We do not know the place they’re from, or what’s in them. However the migrants had been really complaining to me that they really feel it is not sufficient meals. They solely get one or two meals a day. They had been asking us, as journalists, saying you could discover out why we do not have extra meals right here.

WATTERS: Do they ever attempt to get away of the camp and escape? How behaved are they?

MELUGIN: What’s fascinating about this camp is that they had been by no means detained. They are not in Border Patrol custody. They are not in custody till they get placed on a bus and processed. So all people you noticed underneath this bridge right here, they weren’t detained. They had been simply hanging out.

They had been utilizing the bridge for shade, they usually simply determined to start out gathering there as a result of Border Patrol was so overwhelmed. They are not in Border Patrol custody till they’re really with an agent, put onto a bus and brought to a processing heart.

And I believe that is one of many issues individuals did not perceive. I believe they thought all people was type of like walled in right here they usually could not go anyplace. Completely not true.

They would go away the camp and undergo the bush — the bushes and they might simply stroll again into Mexico each time they needed.

WATTERS: COVID protocols, have they got any?

MELUGIN: No, no. No vaccine mandates right here. No COVID-19 testing right here. Once more, Border brokers who do the processing and the transport inform me the one ones who get examined are ones who’re exhibiting blatant signs that they is perhaps precisely what I simply did on accident due to all of the mud out right here — coughing, fever, excessive temperature, that kind of a factor.

WATTERS: Final query. Have you ever witnessed any violence? You’ve got bought lots of people and a good quarter — males, ladies, kids — nighttime comes round. That may’t be good.

MELUGIN: We’ve not. We had been anxious about that. There have been loads of whispers about that, which is why there’s a whole bunch of Texas DPS troopers right here. However what Border Patrol did was the primary individuals they yanked out of this camp had been largely the one grownup males as a result of they informed us they had been anxious about that, too.

What occurs as soon as the phrase leaks out that that first aircraft will get again to Haiti. All of them have cell telephones right here. All of them have model title garments, not all of them — loads of model title garments, soccer jerseys, that kind of factor. Good cell telephones.

What occurs when that first aircraft will get repatriated again to Haiti they usually begin texting individuals underneath the bridge, we bought despatched again, you are going to get deported.

WATTERS: All proper Invoice, nice job and get some relaxation and go repair your hair. It is a mess.

MELUGIN: Thanks, Jesse.

WATTERS: Becoming a member of me now, somebody who has been following the border catastrophe from day one, former Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

Tulsi, I am simply actually disgusted with what the President mentioned about these border brokers on horseback. Everyone with the mind is aware of that there was no whipping of migrants occurring. So, what do you assume is occurring? Why is he saying that it did and threatening to punish the brokers.

TULSI GABBARD (D-HI), FORMER U.S. REPRESENTATIVE: Jesse, the difficulty right here and I contemplate Joe Biden a good friend, however he’s completely unsuitable and he must apologize to the American individuals for saying what he mentioned and right here is why.

You recognize, he’s any person who has been very outspoken as being towards autocrats, autocracies, dictators, however what he basically did was act as decide, jury, and executioner for these Customs and Border Patrol brokers on horseback.

How can they anticipate to have any type of truthful end result to an investigation when the President of the US has already declared their guilt and that they are going to be punished? And the larger subject right here that this factors to, which is one which that all of us have to be involved about is that if we’re not a rustic of legal guidelines, if we’re not a rustic the place we all know we shall be presumed harmless, until confirmed responsible, then we do not have a democracy and that is the growing feeling that loads of us have is that we’re dropping our democracy, and shifting nearer and nearer to what basically is an autocracy.

WATTERS: This is identical kind of hoax that they use on law enforcement officials typically the place they take one thing out of context, or they simply hear one thing from one perspective, they usually convict the individual, and it creates loads of animosity on this nation.

We noticed this sort of hoax, once more, with Russia, when the Clinton marketing campaign vegetation faux information about Trump and Russia. That lasted years, that was a hoax.

One of these disinformation is so harmful to the nation, I really feel like they bought away with it so many occasions that is a part of their playbook, and they’ll preserve doing it again and again. Till when? When are they ever going to cease?

GABBARD: That the saddest half about this, Jesse, is you are proper, they’re getting away with it and it’s the highly effective elite working with the media, working with the Deep State, not appearing in the most effective curiosity of the nation.

They’re appearing in their very own egocentric curiosity to protect their energy, their place, or cash or no matter their egocentric drive is. They’re unwilling to sacrifice their curiosity for the pursuits of the nation, they usually don’t have any enterprise being in positions of management at any degree in our society, as a result of who suffers because of this? It is the American individuals. It is our democracy.

They usually do not care about the associated fee and the toll that that takes, and because of this management that places service above self, that places the pursuits of the American individuals in our nation first is so vital and important, particularly now.

WATTERS: All proper, nicely, Tulsi, that was very nicely mentioned and also you mentioned that Joe is your good friend, the President, so perhaps you may get on the cellphone and inform him, good friend to good friend your opinion. Perhaps he would not watch WATTERS’ WORLD. Perhaps he wants to listen to it from you, Tulsi Gabbard.

GABBARD: I hope he’s listening.

WATTERS: All proper, that’d be a good suggestion. Thanks.

GABBARD: Thanks, Jesse.

WATTERS: All proper. New developments in seek for Brian Laundrie. John Walsh, well-known for “America’s Most Needed” is subsequent on WATTERS’ WORLD.


WATTERS: Huge developments this week within the homicide of Gabby Petito. Her dying has been dominated a murder, however the reason for dying not but launched. Her fiance, Brian Laundrie is essentially the most needed man in America and he’s on the run.

The Feds hitting Laundrie with an arrest warrant for financial institution fraud, allegedly utilizing Gabby’s debit card after she went lacking, extraordinarily damning. And contemporary particulars are rising about Gabby’s up and down relationship with Laundrie, a brand new witness describing an incident at a Wyoming restaurant and what may very well be the final time Gabby was seen alive.


NINA CELIE, WITNESS: We noticed a blow out of the scenario between Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie in Wyoming.

We had been at this restaurant, you guys. Friday, August twenty seventh, 1:00 p.m. sitting proper subsequent to them/

I went to the lavatory, I got here again they usually had been like abruptly leaving like one thing occurred.

She walks out. She is upset. She is crying.

He walks out along with her however then like straight away, turns round walks proper again in and he is you already know type of like, violently like speaking to the hostess and you may inform he’s indignant.


WATTERS: Brian Laundrie’s household nonetheless refusing to assist police and plenty of consider they even helped him escape. Neighbors say the mother and father packed up their camper and went on a visit with Brian 10 days after he got here residence with out Gabby.


WILLIAM GUTHRIE, LAUNDRIE FAMILY NEIGHBOR: I seen that they bought a brand new camper for the again of the pickup. I noticed them doing a little work, after which after they ready for his or her journey, I noticed them loading the camper.

MARTHA MACCALLUM, FOX NEWS CHANNEL ANCHOR: Now, you are speaking about Brian and his mother and father after he returned residence. Is that appropriate? In a distinct camper?



WATTERS: Wow. His mother and father silent when confronted by FOX.


QUESTION: Chris, do you could have something to say to Gabby Petito’s household? Why aren’t you speaking? Why aren’t you out on the lookout for your son?

QUESTION: The place do you assume he’s?

QUESTION: Do you assume Brian is in peril?


WATTERS: Right here for response to all of that is host of “In Pursuit with John Walsh,’ John Walsh himself.

All proper, John. I do know you already know the Feds booted this, native police booted this. How unhealthy is it now?

JOHN WALSH, HOST OF “IN PURSUIT WITH JOHN WALSH”: Effectively, Jesse, earlier than I reply that query, I need to say one factor. The White Home owes the Mountain Border Patrol an apology.

I’ve ridden with that Border Patrol seven occasions. I dwell on a horse ranch. I increase and practice polo horses. I play aggressive polo everywhere in the world. So, I do know what I am speaking about. These are reins, they are not whips.

The photographer that took the images has come out in public and mentioned they’ve — I didn’t see them hitting one unlawful alien, and the President is inflicting — and you already know, I am a centrist man. I am a centrist man.

The President is humiliating the Border Patrol. It is to defuse the very fact that there have been 20,000 Haitians underneath that bridge, Jesse, and the Border Patrol I’ve ridden at night time with these guys. They danger their lives. It is one of many worst jobs in regulation enforcement. The White Home owes them an apology. Bit time.

WATTERS: I agree. I agree. And I do not assume we will get one, however everybody agrees that he does owe these brokers an apology. Go forward on Gabby.

WALSH: They’re risking their lives.

Effectively, I will let you know what, on Wednesday night time, my present “In Pursuit with John Walsh” you already know, I’ve my very own hotline. I’ve F.B.I. operators there and I’ve U.S. Marshals there as a result of “America’s Most Needed” and this present works so nicely, as a result of the general public would not need to name the cops.

So we bought over 500 good ideas that we turned over to the F.B.I., and you already know, all people has seen that {photograph} of him on the restaurant. I do know that one in every of our viewers, you already know known as in and mentioned it is the Carboni restaurant in Merida in Mexico within the Santa Lucia District.

So we bought terrific ideas. Folks have been swamping our hotline, swamping our social media, texting us like loopy. We have got good ideas of in Mexico from Mexico.

My philosophy is that he had a minimum of 9 days of a head begin whereas his world well-known lawyer and the soiled Laundrie mother and father, you already know, we’re given faux pink herrings. He was by no means in that swamp.

So we bought loads of calls, I consider that wherever they took him in that camper and dropped him off, gave him a ton of cash, in all probability burner telephones that may’t be traced, et cetera. I assumed he was heading up the panhandle. He’d go throughout Alabama, Louisiana, get to Texas, with all that is occurring, on the border, there is no such thing as a border, so he might stroll throughout into Mexico anyplace. In order that image makes some sense.

We additionally bought a ton of calls from the people who dwell alongside the Appalachian Path, and we bought a name from one in every of Gabby’s greatest pals who mentioned, sure, I do not know if the police know this, however Brian lived on the Appalachian Path for 3 months out of — with a tent in a backpack.

So these ideas we turned over, and that sounds very affordable to me. However he bought such a head begin. And this household is so soiled and this lawyer, when he known as the cops final week on that huge pink herring saying, oh, you already know, the soiled Laundrie has known as me up and mentioned, you already know, Brian went to the swamp after which we went out and located his automobile and we put a notice in it as a result of we’re afraid and Brian would kill himself. And we mentioned come residence, Brian, and he did not come residence.

So Thursday, we went and bought the automobile. And so you already know this — their lawyer Bertolino calls the cops on Friday and say I’ll do the appropriate factor and let you know that they are so anxious that he is perhaps within the swamp. One other huge pink herring.

So he left earlier than Gabby’s mother and father filed the lacking individual’s report.

WATTERS: That is such a ruse, the swamp ruse, and I agree along with your idea about them dropping him up in direction of the panhandle to scooch over to Mexico, which doesn’t have — or the place they do have an extradition treaty with the U.S., so he’s in all probability even going south of Mexico.

The Appalachian Path factor may be very fascinating. That is rugged terrain. He has expertise up there, however that is a danger as a result of once more that is nonetheless in the US. I’d guess — I’d guess he is in a foreign country by now, which makes it even tougher for the Feds to trace him.

Thirty seconds left, something you need to say to the viewers that is nonetheless trying.

WALSH: I say to my followers and the viewers, they’ll break this case. I dragged 47 guys out of Mexico and greater than half of them People, so the general public goes to interrupt this case broad open. If you happen to do not need to name the F.B.I. and you do not need to discuss to police, name my hotline. I assure you, you possibly can stay nameless.

We do not hint, we do not faucet calls. The general public is aware of that. I have been doing this for 33 years and caught the world’s most needed in 45 international locations.

So make that decision. Regardless of how insignificant you assume it’s, make that decision.

This coward that killed 100-pound lovely lady and my coronary heart goes out to that household as a result of they belong to the identical horrible membership I do, mother and father of a murdered youngster. I am saying, nevertheless, inconsequential, you assume that tip is, textual content me or name me and we’ll get it to the authorities.

WATTERS: All proper, get it to John, get it to the F.B.I., and we have got to get this man alive. And that is the reality.

WALSH: Completely. He must pay.

WATTERS: John Walsh, thanks.

A serious racial confrontation at Arizona State College.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are making this race uncomfortable.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You are making me uncomfortable.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: However you are white. Do you perceive what a multicultural house?


WATTERS: And is that this youngster abuse? Toddlers being muzzled with masks.



JILLIAN MELE, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT: Howdy and welcome to “FOX Information Reside,” I am Jillian Mele.

Federal officers say they’ve cleared out that huge migrant camp underneath a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Homeland Safety Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says the Border Patrol encountered as much as 30,000 migrants in Del Rio since September ninth.

A roadside bomb hit a Taliban automobile in an Jap Afghanistan province. The extent of the injury remains to be unclear. Thus far, nobody has claimed accountability. All this, because the Taliban reportedly hung the physique of an accused kidnapper within the sq. of 1 metropolis.

And Gabby Petito’s funeral is ready for tomorrow in New York. An emotional vigil was held final night time in her hometown of Blue Level on Lengthy Island.

Meantime, the F.B.I. at this time continued its seek for her fiance, Brian Laundrie in a Florida wilderness reserve.

I am Jillian Mele. Now again to WATTERS’ WORLD. Have an amazing night time.

WATTERS: School was a lot enjoyable. Now, it is only a briar patch of loopy individuals. Look what occurs to those two white faculty college students in Arizona State. They’re simply making an attempt to review they usually occur to be within the Multicultural Middle the place they’re confronted by these two black college students over there Police Lives Matter sticker.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What did I do unsuitable?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You have got a banner —

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are offensive. Police lives matter?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have got the identical sticker.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We’re simply making an attempt to do college.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You guys have the identical sticker of the opposite.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: However that is our house.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have got a police lives matter sticker and we’re getting kicked out. Cannot do college.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No one’s kicking you out.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You simply mentioned we have now to go away.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, I mentioned, you make this house uncomfortable.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You are making me uncomfortable.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: However you are white. Do you perceive what a multicultural house? It means you are not being centered.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is there a room I can go?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sure. The entire remainder of the campus. The entire — the second ground, the primary ground, the entire MU, each single a part of the campus facilities you. That is the one house that you simply’re not centered and you are still making an attempt to heart your self, which is peak white cis bull [bleep].


WATTERS: Wow. Becoming a member of me now “FOX and Associates” Weekend cohost, Rachel Campos-Duffy and FOX Information contributor, Lara Trump. Lara, a bumper sticker makes individuals uncomfortable. Pay attention, if that makes you uncomfortable, I believe life goes to make you uncomfortable.

LARA TRUMP, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: Sure, you’ve got bought rather a lot tougher issues coming at you sooner or later, I hate to let you know.

However actually, Jesse, that is the precise response that the individuals pushing vital race idea are hoping to have. They need us divided. They do not need us to see one another as People, as college students on the identical college like clearly these individuals had been. They need to divide us. They need to break us up into little teams and part us off as a result of they know that there is loads of energy that may come from us all being collectively, all remembering on the finish of the day that we’re extra alike than we’re totally different and that we’re all People.

You hate to see stuff like this and it actually has gotten so uncontrolled, however that is what they need to do to the complete nation. They need us all divided up like this, and it’s disgusting to see.

WATTERS: Sure, they need to be capable to examine in the identical place, Rachel, you already know black, white, they’re all Arizona State Aztecs. What are they? Devils? I do not even know. Solar Devils? Who is aware of?


WATTERS: Solar Devils. There you go. That is your alma mater.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: That is my alma mater.

WATTERS: All proper, that is your alma mater.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Makes me sick. However here is the deal, the excessive faculties that these women got here from, this college, all these universities are little indoctrination mills, and that is what we’re turning out. And if we’re not cautious, these are the individuals who shall be ruling all of us as a result of they’re additionally taking up loads of territory culturally, when it comes to the company boards now.

There are, you already know, all these guidelines about how various that must be and who will get to be on it and who is asking the pictures and who’s making the principles.

I am involved as a result of these boys are fascinating. They did the appropriate factor. They picked up their cellphone they usually videotaped. It is precisely what they need to have accomplished. However are minority amongst younger individuals.

I will let you know what considerations me essentially the most about younger individuals in America is that almost all of the youngsters which are popping out of our universities and our highschool techniques are like these women. Imagine it or not, that is what we’re turning out, little Marxist activists.

WATTERS: This has to cease.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: They usually use all of the language, all of the pronouns, they have all of it proper, that is what they’re doing.

WATTERS: You recognize, black college students, white college students at Arizona State, they play sports activities collectively, they sleep collectively, they need to be capable to examine collectively, proper? All proper, all of us agree.

So I need to present you this video, Lara, you possibly can go first. Put it up on the display screen.

This can be a toddler, and I do not even know the way outdated this child is. He seems perhaps two years outdated to me, daycare scenario. And whoever working this daycare is simply smothering this child with a masks all day lengthy.

He would not need the masks. He can barely breathe. He is crying. He is simply making an attempt to play with some blocks. This seems like youngster abuse to lots of people watching this — Lara.

L. TRUMP: Effectively, it definitely does, Jesse, appear like youngster abuse. And, fairly frankly, the politicians who’re persevering with to push this pandemic ahead, and we all know they will do it till after the election in ’22 subsequent 12 months, they must be charged in some type of youngster abuse as a result of we all know the science because it pertains to children and COVID. Thank God, they do not get sick the identical method adults do.

Actually, the seasonal flu is way extra harmful to children than COVID-19. And but these kids have grow to be the collateral injury on this push to increase a pandemic. All of us need to get again to regular. However now you’ve got bought children masked all day in school. We’ve all seen the movies of those poor kids on planes, the one most lately of the child with bronchial asthma whose whole household bought kicked off of a aircraft as a result of he couldn’t bodily put on a masks, he could not breathe.

That is loopy, loopy stuff. It is horrible to see.

WATTERS: Rachel, if some individual did this at a daycare to one in every of your kids, I guess Rachel Campos-Duffy may get a bit of bodily.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: I’d. And I will let you know what, this does not appear like youngster abuse. That is youngster abuse. The individuals who put these rules in place which are forcing this daycare to do that, know that this isn’t crucial for this youngster.

They’re keen to do something, even to a baby they usually’re doing it throughout the nation. They know that there is not any have to masks our kids. They’re doing it for precisely the rationale Lara is speaking about. Till the election …

WATTERS: Sure, it is not scientific.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: … they need to justify it. They need to create worry so as to do mail-in ballots. That is what that is about. They usually’ll try this to that little boy. Oh boy, this makes me mad.

WATTERS: Sure, that poor child. Do not you dare try this to Jesse, Jr. Oh, there’s going to be bother.

All proper, girls, thanks guys a lot. We admire you guys approaching WATTERS’ WORLD.

L. TRUMP: You’ve got bought it.

WATTERS: A bombshell accusation of sexual harassment thrown at Chris Cuomo. Don Lemon dealing with a really comparable accusation, the within story that might blow up CNN.


WATTERS: One other week, one other creepy Cuomo within the information, this time although, CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Shelley Ross, a former govt producer at ABC and CBS accusing Chris of sexual harassment at a celebration again in 2005. So in a “New York Instances” op-ed, Ross claims Cuomo greeted her with a robust bear hug whereas reducing one hand, seize and squeeze her on the butt, upon greeting her at a bar.

She says Cuomo informed her quote, “I can do that now that you simply’re not my boss.” Ross says she mentioned, ‘No, you possibly can’t,” whereas pushing him off of her along with her husband sitting proper there as her witness.

Chris Cuomo later despatched her an e-mail apologizing to each of them for his actions. With a topic line studying, “Now that I consider it, I’m ashamed.” Unquote. The e-mail started with quote, “Although, my hearty greeting was a perform of being glad to see you, I apologize to you as nicely for even placing you in such a scenario.” He closed out the e-mail, with “Subsequent time, I’ll keep in mind the lesson irrespective of how glad I’m to see you.”

Undecided if that was the lesson. Cuomo isn’t denying the allegations, telling “The New York Instances” it occurred 16 years in the past, and was not sexual in nature. He mentioned, I apologize to her then and I imply it.

CNN just about has their arms full at this level. Cuomo’s buddy, Don Lemon was accused in a lawsuit of assaulting a person at a bar in 2019. And this all whereas the community is affected by an unsightly dropping streak.

Rankings at CNN have been abysmal since Trump left workplace. They hardly ever crack 1,000,000 viewers throughout a single hour day and night time.

Becoming a member of me now are “Outnumbered” cohost and creator of the upcoming e book “For Such a Time as This,” Kayleigh McEnany.

So Kayleigh, I ponder if he’ll use his brother’s excuse, “Hey, I am simply Italian.”

KAYLEIGH MCENANY, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CO-HOST, “OUTNUMBERED”: Sure, I believe he’ll. Sure, I used to be simply joking. Actually, he type of went on on this e-mail. So he apologizes to her in it, after which goes on to type of cowl his authorized tail feathers by saying, “Hey, Christian Slater did this, however he had unfavorable intent. I did not have unfavorable intent.” He is a lawyer. Your intent would not matter, you grabbed somebody’s butt.

WATTERS: So, he’s saying, I grabbed the lady’s butt, but it surely wasn’t sexual in nature.

MCENANY: What does that imply?

WATTERS: What does that imply?


WATTERS: In order that simply signifies that’s a pleasant greeting. Is it an influence transfer? I do not see how nice grabbing some lady’s butt isn’t sexual in nature.

MCENANY: You caught your self.

WATTERS: I did catch myself. So how does CNN deal with this, Kayleigh?

MCENANY: They’ll ignore it. They’ll put their head within the sand. Essentially the most — take into consideration all this man has accomplished. He obtained that particular testing from his brother. Now, the sexual assault allegation, advising his brother on these cellphone calls we have now all talked about.

What has CNN accomplished by all of those moral scandals? Issued one assertion saying we do not stand beside him advising his brother, I am paraphrasing there. They are going to do nothing.

WATTERS: So that you assume he’ll skate?


WATTERS: However they’ve rankings issues. This may very well be an excuse to toast them. He has not accomplished nicely and that is an goal assertion. That present has not accomplished nicely with the rankings.

I am simply questioning should you can #MeToo somebody like this. Is it even attainable anymore?

MCENANY: Sure, I believe —

WATTERS: This man is the Golden Boy over there.

MCENANY: Effectively, you will discover the lady who made this allegation says she would not consider he must be fired, and she or he says that twice within the piece. So, I believe it provides him a bit of bit of canopy there. I imply, the accuser is saying that, however sure, perhaps that is the excuse to do away with him.

Though I’d say, is not Chris Cuomo, not that I verify CNN’s rankings typically, is not he the most effective among the many worst? They’re all fairly unhealthy.

WATTERS: That is true.

MCENANY: He’s the most effective of the worst.

WATTERS: That is all they bought over there. Now, WATTERS’ WORLD has reached out to ABC Information to ask if there have been any confidential settlements involving Chris Cuomo throughout his tenure there. We’ve not heard again from ABC, however we are going to allow you to guys know in the event that they get again to us.

MCENANY: Sure, it is vitally fascinating and in addition what motivated this producer to return out and say that is how galling it was to her that this man wears a fact t-shirt, and that this man says, “I deeply and sincerely care about these points.”

No, you do not, Chris Cuomo.

WATTERS: All proper. Kayleigh McEnany. Thanks a lot. And good luck on the e book.

MCENANY: Thanks, Jesse.

WATTERS: Up subsequent, viewer warning, gorillas getting busy on the Bronx Zoo.


WATTERS: Time now for Triple Play. Up first, chaos at “The View.” Two hosts constructive COVID checks in the midst of the present simply minutes earlier than Kamala Harris was speculated to make her first in-studio discuss present look as VP. Examine this out.


JOY BEHAR, HOST, “THE VIEW”: There appears to be one thing taking place right here that I am not one hundred percent conscious of. Can somebody please apprise me of the scenario?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We want the 2 of you to step off for a second.

BEHAR: Ana and Sunny.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And we will carry you again later.

BEHAR: And we’ll let you know why.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Extra data later. It is a tease.

BEHAR: We are going to let you know why in a few minutes. So, shall I introduce the Vice President?


BEHAR: Okay. So Vice President —


BEHAR: Okay. We could dance? Let’s do a faucet dance.


WATTERS: What a large number. Becoming a member of us now could be FOX Information 24/7 Headlines reporter Carley Shimkus. That was nuts.

CARLEY SHIMKUS, FOX NEWS HEADLINES 24/7 REPORTER: Sure, okay. Effectively, it ended up being an abbreviated interview. However the Vice President nonetheless had time to sneak in that lie. That Border Patrol is treating Haitian migrants like slaves.

There’s all the time time to falsely accuse somebody of racism, proper?

WATTERS: That is proper.

SHIMKUS: As for COVID although, I believe that Pleasure Behar responded to this case precisely as a result of she mentioned that Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin are going to be okay as a result of they’re vaccinated.

WATTERS: They’re vaxxed, so that they had breakthroughs.

SHIMKUS: Sure. Precisely.

WATTERS: The day the VP was speculated to be on set.

SHIMKUS: Sure. So vaccinated individuals, if that is the perk of the vaccine, should you get a breakthrough an infection, you’re most probably going to be okay. You needn’t shield vaccinated individuals because the Vice President had beforehand mentioned.

WATTERS: However Kamala cannot catch a break. I imply, first, proper, she goes to Central America, that blows up. Then she goes to Vietnam throughout the Afghan hostage disaster, and now this. She will’t even skate by “The View.”

SHIMKUS: No, nicely, I believe it was missed alternative by her as a result of she is absolutely vaccinated as nicely. So she was speculated to be in studio. She ought to have mentioned, you already know what, I am absolutely vaccinated, I belief the vaccine. I’ll preserve doing the interview in studio.

They put her in like a closet or one thing to do the interview.

WATTERS: Sure, nicely, she’s going to return out of the closet, all proper, and that is not a reference to something.

SHIMKUS: Actually, if she was in a closet, she is strolling out the door.

WATTERS: That is not a reference to something. All proper, Carley, I needed to indicate you some video of Conor McGregor. I do know you are an enormous UFC fan.

SHIMKUS: Enormous.

WATTERS: Enormous. You must even know who Conor McGregor might be. Right here he’s throwing out the primary pitch. Oh my god. No, so he is lefty, and he’s Irish. Now, here is my opinion.

That is no offense to the individuals of Eire. They do not have baseband there.

SHIMKUS: They do not have baseball, nope.

WATTERS: They usually do not have soccer, so they do not throw issues.

SHIMKUS: Additionally, he’s sporting the tightest go well with I’ve ever seen in my life.

WATTERS: Sure, and he is sporting like 1,000,000 greenback watch.

SHIMKUS: However, Jesse, by all means make enjoyable of Conor McGregor.

WATTERS: You recognize what, I apologize, Conor.

SHIMKUS: It is actually sensible.

WATTERS: You recognize, with all due respect, that was an amazing pitch.

SHIMKUS: I like Conor McGregor as a result of he does the Tunnel 2 Tower commercials.

WATTERS: That is true.

SHIMKUS: So he is okay in my e book.

WATTERS: So that you’re kissing his butt additionally.

SHIMKUS: Effectively, I simply assume, I admire —

WATTERS: Each of us kissing Connor’s butt.

SHIMKUS: I simply admire the very fact — I believe that I get a go if I make enjoyable of Conor McGregor as a result of I am a woman, however —

WATTERS: Okay, I do know, he’s going to knock me out.

SHIMKUS: As soon as once more, Jesse takes the horns.

WATTERS: All proper, he’s not going to throw a ball, he’s going to throw a punch proper right here. Most punchable face in TV.

SHIMKUS: You have got him on a attain. You do not have that.

WATTERS: Even you say that. Thanks, and we’re paying you to say.

All proper, we have now video of gorillas. Viewer warning if children are right here, be warned. That is on the Bronx Zoo, Carley. You’ve got been investigating this video very totally.

SHIMKUS: I’ve not, 100% have not.

WATTERS: Okay, nicely, in order that they bought a bit of present. There was —

SHIMKUS: Oh my god.

WATTERS: A present.

SHIMKUS: Why are you doing this to me?

WATTERS: On the Bronx Zoo. Kids had been there. And the humorous factor is, I used to be simply on the Bronx Zoo final weekend. I did not see this, and I paid some huge cash. And these gorillas did not do that after I was there. However the week I go away that I am not there, they do that.

SHIMKUS: Effectively, your whole viewers simply noticed it.

WATTERS: We gave them a warning.

SHIMKUS: Of all of the viral movies on the earth, you place me on set and present that. I noticed a viral video, Jesse this week of a pet turning into greatest pals with a cow. We might have accomplished that.

WATTERS: Look, it’s consensual.

SHIMKUS: No, we do not want to take a look at it once more.

WATTERS: This was consensual.

SHIMKUS: Oh my god, can we discuss in regards to the infrastructure invoice?


SHIMKUS: Can we speak about COVID?

WATTERS: All proper, Carley is leaving. She is —

SHIMKUS: I’m strolling off set.

WATTERS: She is strolling off just like the co-hosts that examined constructive. She’s simply going to stand up and go away.

SHIMKUS: I am out. I’m going to cover within the closet.

WATTERS: Up subsequent, “Final Name” — with Kamala.


WATTERS: Immediately is Nationwide Daughter’s Day and I simply need to take a second right here to rejoice the twins, Ellie and Sophie, who carry my life a lot enjoyable and a lot pleasure. Love you guys a lot.

And I hope they did not watch that final section — for everybody’s sake.

That is all for tonight. Be sure you observe me on Fb, Instagram, and Twitter.

“JUSTICE WITH JUDGE JEANINE” is subsequent and keep in mind, I am Watters and that is my world.


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